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Before I get into my about me section, I just want to genuinely thank the readers that are taking the time to read this. This is not just my profession it’s my lifestyle. I’m truly blessed to have your attention for a few minutes. Furthermore I want the readers to understand my values. The question many of you may have is, what makes me different, and how can you benefit from my services? Well to start off, I would like to share my guarantees: Clean Station, Professionalism, and Exclusive Attention to Detail.

You will never have to worry about these three things. I feel that as a licensed Barber, in order to be on top of new barber trends and maintain good customer service, I am required to continue to study and better myself as well as my craft. This industry evolves every day. Therefore, this site is for ladies and gentlemen that really care about how they present themselves. It will be updated weekly with new hairstyles and trends. My work has been shared on many social networks as well as seen on television. I am still learning and like to share new things as I discover them. I decided to start a website because I wanted to step outside of the box and do something that was uncommon for barbers.

To think that I am writing an “About Me” section for my website was unheard of a few years back. I started cutting hair in the small town of Kingsville Tx. I had a scholarship to play football there, and received my degree in Industrial Management and Technology. I began cutting hair for $3 just so I could afford gas and food. I quickly developed a passion for cutting hair, and decided after graduation, (much to my parent’s dismay), that I wanted a career in barbering.

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